About our peptides store

Talebi geri arama / SMS

Sending a message

How do we work.

You leave
a request or pay
your order.

We contact you to
clarify the information
and confirming
the order.

Within few hours
we ship your order
to specified

You will
receive the your
order within 2-10
working days.

Why choose us?

100% refund guarantee

If there is no
result, we refund
your payment.


Order tracking by
track number, which
we send you after

High quality and
low prices

All products
are tested in an

Payment by

Minimum transaction processing time, complete financial security and confidentiality.

When buying from us you get:

  • Full confidentiality when ordering and receiving
  • SMS notification of order status
  • Same day shipping.
  • Tracking number of your parcel.
  • Long shelf-life of unbetted peptides (over 1 year)
  • Total financial security when paying bitcoins
  • Free consultation and support
  • Constant additional discount after writing a review about our products
  • Sms / Email notification of current promotions and special offers
  • Free delivery of products when purchased for more than 100 €


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